Acreage Outside of Missouri - 4+ Acres in Oregon

Like some of our other properties outside of Missouri, we ended up with this property as part of a larger deal that we did last year. Everyone around the office had forgotten about the acreage until just the other day when we realized we had never put it on the market.

This large 4 acre tract is located near the town of Christmas Valley, Oregon. Judging by the aerial maps the property is covered with sgae and small brush (like most of the other land in the area). There are house nearby so there are probably utilities in the area (we have not verified that).

We have never had the opportunity to visit this property. The photos and maps below are what we were able to locate on the internet. We have priced this property WELL BELOW any other comparable properties in the area!



The photo above is an aerial photo which shows the property. It appears to have road frontage along its entire south end. The large green circles are crop fields. Apparently the area has a good climate for farming.



The map above shows the route to the property from Christmas Valley. The land is only about 10 minutes from town.




According to the aerial maps the property does have a road running along its south end. Although we have not visited the property we did locate this photo which was taken very close to the property. This is very likely what the road at the south end of the property looks like.

Since we have not personally seen this property we have decided to sell it for the low price of $9,500. We normally sell our properties on a 15 year term but because of the ultra-low price this 4.35 acres is being sold on a 5 year term. Make your payments and own this acreage FREE and CLEAR in only 5 years!

The full sales price for this 4.35 acre tract is $9,500. With $500 down the monthly payment will be $195.00 with an annual interest rate of 9 3/4%. This is a 5 year payment schedule so you will own this property free and clear in only 5 years. Taxes are only about $60 a year and are already built into the monthly payment. There are no prepayment penalties, no hidden fees and no balloon payments.

Please note that a larger down payment will reduce your interest rate and monthly payment amount. With $1,500 down your rate drops to 7 3/4% and your monthly payment drops to $170.00. With $2,500 down your rate drops to 6 3/4% and your payment drops to $145.00. With $5,000 down your rate drops to 5 3/4% and your payment drops to $95. These payments do include the property taxes and are all based on about a 5 year payment schedule.

Also please note that you have twelve months to ADD to your down payment in order to reduce your interest rate and payment amount!

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions. We are somewhat familiar with the area but we are not familiar with the property. If you visit the property we would love to know more about it!

If we had pictures and a video of this property we would price it somewhere around the $20,000 price range, possibly more. Here's a great opportunity to save big money on a 4 acre tract of land in Oregon!

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