Sold Properties - 3.28 acres ON the River. No permits required! - ID#JR03


River on property

The James River in one spot on the property. This section of river is great for fishing and floating.

This 3.28 acre tract offers a rare chance to own direct frontage on the popular James River.

The James River has long been a very popular river not only because of the fishing and floating but also because of its proximity to Springfield which is the largest and fastest growing city in southern Missouri. Marshfield, Missouri is also a popular town and is only about 5 miles from the property.



Aerial map showing the property. The property is fully surveyed and is 3.28 acres in size. It borders Bell Ford Road along the east side. The property is widest on the east and gets more narrow as you move west. This is one of the few river properties where you own BOTH sides of the river.

It is VERY hard to find any small acreage available on the James River, especially only five miles out of Marshfield.

The price on this 3.28 acre tract is $39,500. With $500 down, the monthly payments will be $415. This is about a 15 year payment schedule and an annual interest rate of 9 3/4%. With $1,500 down the interest rate drops to 7 3/4% and the payment drops to $360 a month. With $2,500 down the interest rate drops to 6 3/4% and the payment drops to $330 a month. With $5,000 down the interest rate drops to 5 3/4% and the payment drops to $290 a month. These payments are all based on a 15 year payment schedule.

Also please note that you have twelve months to ADD to your down payment in order to reduce your interest rate and payment amount!


Gate on property

The east side of the property is fenced and gated for privacy. This property is Tract 3 at the James River Estates. The photo above was taken from by the county road looking toward the property, where the truck is parked.

Please refer to our interactive map above for additional property views and information. Please note that the boundary lines and measurements are approximate. This interactive map is BRAND NEW for us and if you have a chance we would love to have your feedback on it. Is it awesome? Is it great? Is it confusing? We would like to know!

Also, please note that on the interactive map it seems to work best if you click the "View Full Screen" option. Once you are in the "Full Screen" option you can select "Topo" to see a topographic map which does a good job of showing how the property is situated. Starting at the county road, it rises up and you head to the west. There should be some excellent views from the middle and west sides of the property.

To take a look at the property please click on the video below.

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area map

Map showing the location of the property.

This tract is subject to the 6 basic restrictions as shown on our website (no mobile homes, etc.). Also, if you build a cabin or home on the property it must have a concrete foundation no less than 600 square feet in size. A simple 20 X 30 foot cabin will meet this requirement as long as it is on a concrete foundation (slab, stem wall or basement).

Here are the directions to the property: From Marshfield, Missouri take Highway A to the south. After you leave the city limits of Marshfield you will go 3.3 miles and then go right (west) onto Bell Ford Road. Stay on Bell Ford Road for just under 2 miles and you will get to the bridge over the James River. Continue past the river for a few hundred yards and you will see Tract 3 on the right, it will be the 3rd gate on the right. To get to the property from Springfield go east on Highway 60 for about 20 miles then go north on Highway A. Stay on Highway A for 8.2 miles then go left (west) onto Bell Ford Road. Now continue to the property as stated above. If you come from Springfield you will actually see Bell SPRINGS Road before you see Bell FORD Road. Either one can get you to the property but on your first visit it might be easier to take Bell FORD Road.  When you visit the property PLEASE print out the maps and directions we have provided as it can be tricky the first time you drive to the property. If you would like us to email you all of the maps and pictures just let us know. Feel free to go check out the property and walk all around.


east side

The power line runs directly across the east side of the property. There is even a power pole on the property which makes hooking up to the electric very simple.

Why not invest your money in something you and your family can use and enjoy? Take your family fishing and camping on your own river property next weekend!

The full sales price for the entire 3.28 acres is $39,500. With $500 down the monthly payment will be $415 with an annual interest rate of 9 3/4%. Taxes are only about $45 a year and are already taken care of for 2017. There are no prepayment penalties, no hidden fees and no balloon payments.


Please note that a larger down payment will substantially reduce your interest rate and monthly payment amount. With $1,500 down your rate drops to 7 3/4% and your monthly payment drops to $415. With $2,500 down your rate drops to 6 3/4% and your payment drops to $360. With $5,000 down your rate drops to 5 3/4% and your payment drops to $330. Also please note that you have twelve months to ADD to your down payment in order to reduce your interest rate and payment amount!

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