Wilderness Lake Covenants

In addition to our six basic restrictions as shown on the Property Covenants page, the development of WILDERNESS LAKE is protected by several additional covenants:

  1. Prior to the beginning of construction on your property a culvert at least 20 feet in width and 12 inches in length must be installed between the road and property.
    -Before you begin building a cabin or home a small culvert will need to be installed in order to keep the easement road in good shape for all property owners. If you hire someone to install the culvert you will probably pay around $300-$400. You can do it yourself for about half of that.
  2. Once construction on a building or dwelling has begun it must be carried through to completion within two years. This applies only to the exterior of the building or dwelling. No residence shall be occupied until completed on the exterior and once completed structures shall be maintained in a completed condition. Construction must be of new materials (on the exterior) with the exception of full log homes/buildings. Dwellings must be permanently attached to an adequate concrete foundation.
    -Once you start building a home or cabin it must be complete (on the outside only) within two years. This ensures that unfinished or unmaintained cabins will not spoil the beauty of the Wilderness Lake development.
  3. No interference with natural or existing drainage shall be permitted without the approval of developer. Cisterns must be buried or enclosed inside a permanent structure designed for that purpose.
    -You are more than welcome to build a pond but it can't be built in a way that would interfere with existing runoff which keeps the lake full for all property owners.
  4. All wastewater treatment facilities must be constructed in accordance with applicable state requirements and to ensure that effluent shall be contained on the original parcel of origin.
    -Currently state requirements say that properties 5.0 acres or larger are unrestricted so you are free to use just about any type of waste-treatment system you like so long as the waste is not allowed to run off of your property.
  5. No commercial livestock shall be allowed on any lot within Wilderness Lake. A reasonable number of general pets shall be allowed, only in the event they are kept solely as domestic pets and not for any commercial purposes. Animals shall not be allowed to create a nuisnace to neighboring land owners. Kennels greater than 5 dogs are not permitted. Livestock or pets may not be allowed to run or roam freely beyond the boundaries of their owner's property.
    -You may have horses, cats, dogs, etc. BUT they can not be kept for commercial purposes (with the intent to be sold).
  6. All properties shall be used only for private, single family residential purposes. No commercial or business activities are allowed except home businesses run wholly within a residential dwelling on the property. No commercial manufacturing and no noxious trade or activity is permitted.
    -No apartment buildings, commercial buildings or other businesses are allowed. Home business run entirely from inside the home are permitted.
  7. Developer or its assignees reserve the right to charge a monthly fee for the cost of road maintenance, common area maintenance, property taxes on common areas, etc.
    -In order to properly maintain the roads and common areas property owners will pay a small fee which shall never exceed the actual costs incurred.
    Such fee shall initally be no more than $15 per month and shall not increase more than 15% annually. This fee shall in no way exceed the actual costs incurred by developer or its assignees.
  8. Developer reserves the right to approve mailboxes, method of attachment and location.
    -This one was designed to place mailboxes in a centralized location, generally near the start of a development.
  9. Camping is allowed for up to 45 days in any 12 month period. Buses, campers and RV's are allowed on the property for up to 45 days in a 12 month period.
    -Camping is encouraged within Wilderness Lake and we have never met anyone who actually camped more than 45 days out of the year. This restriction keeps permanent "campers" from living within the development in a tent, bus or RV. For all you hunters the 45 days pretty much covers every hunting season. You can easily camp all of deer season, spring and fall turkey season and still have a couple weeks of camping time remaining to enjoy throughout the rest of the year. Buses, campers and RV's may only be kept on the property permanently if stored inside a garage or building. Camping would be defined as staying in a tent, RV, shed or other similar structure. Once you build your cabin or home you are of course free to stay on your property all year if you would like.

Please note that these property covenants are enforced, with enforcement to include daily fines/fees of up to $50.00 per violation, per day (after notice has been given). The vast majority of our buyers find these covenants to be easy to understand and to abide by. If you do not agree with any part of a property covenant then we will try to recommend another seller who may (or may not) have different covenants on the properties that they sell.