Property Covenants - Timber Shoals Ranch

In order to protect your property value and maintain the privacy and beauty of the area, the development of TIMBER SHOALS RANCH is protected by the following property covenants:

 Also please note that timber with a stump diameter of greater than 8 inches (when measured at ground level) may not be cut or removed until the property has been paid for in full. Allowances shall not be unreasonably denied for on-site construction or clearing/maintaining roads and/or trails.

These Covenants are permanent and do stay with the property, even after it has been paid for in full (except that you can do what you like with the timber once the property has been paid for in full).

Please note that these property covenants are enforced, with enforcement to include daily fines/fees of up to $35.00 per violation, per day (after notice has been given). The vast majority of our buyers find these covenants to be easy to understand and to abide by. If you do not agree with any part of a property covenant then we will try to recommend another seller who may (or may not) have different covenants on the properties that they sell.

Please familiarize yourself with these Deed Assurances and let us know if you have any questions or if you need any clarification.