Property Covenants

Unless otherwise noted, all of the properties we sell on our website are covered by these six basic restrictions:

  1. No buildings or storage of any kind is permitted within 100 feet of a shared roadway or within 30 feet of a property boundary. These areas shall serve as utility easement areas. Fences must not encroach upon road easements which are defined as the area within 50 feet of a shared roadway. These setback distances may be adjusted on certain tracts.
  2. No refuse, debris, unused building materials nor derelict vehicles, machinery or equipment in whole or in part shall be stored or allowed to collect on the property unless completely enclosed within a building or garage.
  3. Livestock and pets are permitted so long as they are not allowed to create a nuisance to nearby land owners. Kennels greater than 5 dogs and feedlots are not permitted.
  4. No parcel may be subdivided if any of the parcels created from the division would be less than 5 acres in size.
  5. No single wide mobile homes are allowed on the property. Double-wide mobile homes and modular homes are allowed as long as they are no older than five model years when placed on the property and meet the requirements of Covenant #6. No camper, RV, bus, portable building, shed or shack of any kind shall be used as a residence. Camping for more than 45 days in a 12 month period is not permitted. Camping shall be defined as staying on the property without staying in a residential structure on a full concrete foundation, as defined below.
  6. Any residential structure built on the property or moved onto the property must have at least 600 square feet of enclosed living space on one level. Said structure must be permanently attached to an adequate, continuous, concrete foundation (concrete slab, stem wall/crawl space or full basement) of at least 600 square feet in size.

Also please note that timber with a stump diameter of greater than 8 inches (when measured at ground level) may not be cut or removed until the property has been paid for in full. Allowances shall not be unreasonably denied for on-site construction or clearing/maintaining roads and/or trails.


Certain developments also have additional covenants to help protect property values. To see the additional restrictions for Wilderness Lake or Fiery Fork Ridge please click on the links below:

Wilderness Lake Covenants

Fiery Fork Ridge Covenants

All restrictions and covenants have been designed to be minimally restrictive and to help protect and preserve the value of your property. Properties may be subject to county, city, development and/or state covenants and restrictions. If you have a question about any of this just let us know!