riverFiery Fork Ridge is a unique recreational development spanning 188 acres in Camden County, Missouri. Many of the tracts within the development DIRECTLY border the Fiery Fork Conservation Area which comprises just over 1,600 acres. The Fiery Fork Conservation Area is open to the public for hunting and recreation inlcuding fishing, canoeing, floating and kayaking in the pristine Little Niangua River.

In addition to having access to the Conservation Area, all property owners within Fiery Fork Ridge ALSO have private access to the Little Niangua River just down-river from the Conservation Area.

The tracts within Fiery Fork Ridge are accessed via a private, dead-end road which gives property owners ultimate privacy and security. A modest fee of $15 a month covers the road maintenance and common area maintenance.

Fiery Fork Ridge was designed for those who enjoy nature and value the natural beauty which can only be found here in the Ozarks. Most tracts in Fiery Fork Ridge have large mature timber which can be over 100 years old. 

All tracts within Fiery Fork Ridge have access to the Fiery Fork Conservation Area and the Little Niangua River. Most tracts have DIRECT frontage on the Conservation Area.


What can you do with your new property at Fiery Fork Ridge?

What can't you do on your new property at Fiery Fork Ridge?

To get to Fiery Fork Ridge from Camdenton, Missouri go north on Highway 5 for about six miles then go west on Highway 7 for about six miles. Now go left (south) on Highway "J" for about one mile. You will see a large church on the left side of the road, this is where you turn RIGHT onto Red Gate Drive which is a gravel road. Stay on Red Gate Drive for about 1/4 mile. When Red Gate Drive curves to the left, you will continue going STRAIGHT onto the easement road which serves the properties at Fiery Fork Ridge. PLEASE DO NOT continue on Red Gate Drive, as from this point on it is a private driveway. 

Plain Map

The photo above shows the basic layout of Fiery Fork Ridge, which is outlined in pink. The light green area is the 1,600 acre Fiery Fork Conservation Area. The North Easement runs between Tracts 5 and 6 and provides additional access to the Conservation Area. The South Easement is a trail which leads to a alrge area on the Little Niangua River and is only for the use of property owners and their guests.

The video above shows the drive to Fiery Fork Ridge from Highway J.

aerial map

The above photo is an aerial map of the development.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the property located?

    Fiery Fork Ridge is located in Camden County, Missouri. It is approximately 15 miles west of the county seat of Camdenton.

  2. What is the terrain on the property? Flat? Steep?

    The Ozarks are known for varying terrain. The east side of the development is basically flat, as it is situated along a ridge. In general, the tracts slope down as you move to the west.

  3. What does each property look like?

    Each tract is different. Please refer to the pictures and video of any tract to see exactly how it looks.

  4. What utilities are available?

    Easements are in place for power and phone (although they are not currently within the development). Often, we can assist in bringing the power/phone onto your property if you are building a home or cabin. As this property is outside of any city limits there are no water or sewer lines. Water would be by well or cistern and sewage disposal would be by septic tank, lagoon or outhouse.

  5. What do buyers generally plan to do with their property?

    Most buyers will use their property as a vacation or recreation destination and may plan to build at some point in the future. Some buyers never plan to build and only intend to use their property for camping, hunting and recreation.

  6. Do I have to drill a well?

    No, you are not required to drill a well. If you require a permanent water source you may use a cistern (storage tank) or dig your own well. Drilled wells are of course permitted but most buyers find they aren't necessary until they decide to build a home or large cabin.

  7. What are the septic restrictions?

    Currently there are no specific septic restrictions. You are permitted to install your own septic. Lagoons and outhouses are also permitted on parcels larger than 3 acres as long as no runoff leaves your property.

  8. Is there a Property Owners Association?

    Fiery Fork Ridge is currently managed by the developer. After a majority of the parcels are sold control may be turned over to the Fiery Fork Ridge Property Owners Association. A monthly fees of $15 cover care and maintenance of the roads, trails, lake and common areas within the development. This fee will not begin until 2016 (possibly 2017).


The video above shows one of the camping areas within the Conservation Area. 

Distances from Cities and Towns


As you know, it is VERY hard to find acreage bordering public land (and it's getting harder all of the time). Add to that the access to the Little Niangua River and these tracts will be something you will be proud to enjoy with your family and friends. High quality acreage has proven time and again to be a solid investment.