Hawk's Roost

Available Parcels and Prices
Parcel Number Size Price Payment Property Features Availability
Tract 08 Hawk's Roost 10 Acres $24,500.00 $255.00 SORRY, THIS PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD! Power, cedar grove, multiple spots for building/camping/hunting. Recent logging opened up stunning views! Sold
Tract 21 Hawk's Roost - ID#HR21 21 Acres $36,500.00 $385.00 SORRY, THIS PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD! Rare tract with paved and gravel road frontage. High quality ridge-top building site with amazing views. Heavily logged and needs a couple of years to start looking great again. Large tract in a great area. Build, camp, hunt and enjoy the rivers, creeks and National Forest just minutes away! Sold

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Also, please note that in order to give everyone a chance to purchase a tract at Hawk's Roost we have limited the purchases to two per household/family. If you wish to purchase more than two tracts at Hawk's Roost please give us a call in the office.

Hawk's Roost offers tracts of all different sizes. Please check the list at the top of this page to see which tracts are available. Click on the tract number (within the list) to see the details about that tract.

Well-located tracts in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks. Hawk's Roost contains parcels from 5-25 acres in size. All properties are within just a few minutes of several popular rivers and thousands of acres of National Forest.

Trees at Hawk's Roost

The photo is a late-fall view of part of Hawk's Roost. The property has many different species of trees. 

Hawk's Roost is in an amazing location in the gorgeous Missouri Ozarks. Within a few miles you will find major rivers and creeks and well as over 20,000 acres of National Forest on which you can hunt and play (although you will probably stay busy hunting and playing on your private tract at Hawk's Roost). The map below shows Hawk's Roost (outlined in red) as well as some of the National Forest in the area (light green) and the very popular North Fork River. The North Fork River is known as one of the top trout fishing rivers in the country but you can also catch bass, perch and many other species of fish. It is also well known for its fantastic canoeing and floating. 

National Forest Map


Access into Hawk's Roost is very convenient with frontage on multiple roads (gravel as well as paved). The map below shows the layout of Hawk's Roost.

Aerial Map

The map above shows the layout of Hawk's Roost.

Hawk's Roost is in a very private setting in rural Douglas County, Missouri BUT it is within about 20 miles of numerous towns. To the east you will find West Plains, to the north you will find Mountain Grove and to the west you will find Ava. There are multiple other towns nearby but the three we just mentioned have the "all-important Wal-Mart"...

Area Map

The map above shows several of the nearby towns. Ava, Mountain Grove and West Plains would be the larger towns but there are numerous smaller towns nearby as well. Springfield, Missouri is about 60 miles to the northwest fo Hawk's Roost.

Hawk's Roost was recently logged and portions of the land were logged heavily (although some areas were not logged at all). Generally, when a property has been logged we "hold" it for 1-2 years to give things a chance to start to grow back. It generally does take 1-2 years for a property that was logged to start to really look great again. Within 2 years most of the limbs that were left by the loggers will have rotted away, and tens of thousands of young oak, hickory, wlanut and pine trees will have begun to grow up all over the place. That being said, because much of this property was recently logged and we are going into the first winter after the logging, parts of the property look "rough". Rather than hold the property for 1-2 years, we have decided to reduce the price and give our buyers a chance to get a well-located tract at Hawk's Roost for MUCH LESS than it will be in 1-2 years!

If you are a "Bargain Hunter" then you just may want to take a look at some of these tracts! As we mentioned earlier, some of the tracts were little very little or not at all, but you will find the biggest price reductions on the tracts that have had the heavier logging.

Are there advantages to recently logged properties? We're glad you asked because YES, there are! Properties with recent logging tend to have much better views than other similar tracts. In fact, at Hawk's Roost we have found many tracts that simply would not have had a view if they were not logged. Another advantage is that you may have a huge amount of usable firewood simply from the limbs that the logger have left behind. This is a great one because as you are collecting your free firewood, you are also cleaning and raising the value of your property.

If you have ever had to create pasture or clear land, then you know the value of having some of the trees already removed. This can make clearing a pasture, garden or large yard MUCH easier. 

On ALL of the properties that we will offer at Hawk's Roost, we will have multiple photos and generally at least 1-2 very recent videos. This way you can make an informed decision upon which property you will purchase. 

Take a look at the aerial photo below to see an overview of Hawk's Roost.


The aerial photo above was taken above the middle of Hawk's Roost.

All of the Tracts at Hawk's Roost are subject to the 6 basic restrictions as shown on our website (no mobile homes, etc.). Homes or cabins built on the property must have a minimum concrete foundation size of 600 square feet (a simple 20 X 30 cabin would meet this requirement). Please click on the link below to see the 6 standard Deed Assurances.

To see the 6 standard Deed Assurances please click here.

These 6 standard Deed Assurances have been specifically designed to give you maximum freedom and enjoyment of your property while still maintaining the value of your tract and the area.

If you are looking for a property with no restrictions we can find you one, but it will not be at Hawk's Roost. Also, please be aware that properties with no restrictions do tend to lose value as soon as one messy and/or inconsiderate person moves into the area.


The map above shows how Hawk's Roost is situated. The Tracts at Hawk's Roost will have Drury, Missouri mailing address and the zip code is 65638. Within about a 5 minute drive to the east you will find huge tracts of National Forest (shaded in green) as well as the VERY popular North Fork River. The arrows point to two of our favorite access points to the North Fork River.

North Fork River

The photo above shows a small section of the North Fork River which is about 5 miles from Hawk's Roost. The North Fork is easily one of the most beautiful and wild rivers in the country and is popular for fishing, floating, swimming and canoeing. There are multiple free access points to the river just a short distance from Hawk's Roost. Bring the family and do some fishing and swimming while you enjoy your new property!

There is SO MUCH MORE to see and do in this area. Although we could go on and on, you may have more fun checking things out for your self. To get to Hawk's Roost from Springfield, Missouri just go east on Highway 60 to the town of Mountain Grove. Go south through Mountain Grove on Highway 95 and take Highway 95 all the way down to Highway 14 (20 miles). Take a left onto Highway 14, so you are heading east. Now go 7 miles and you will see Hawk's Roost on the left side (north side) of the road. 

To get to Hawk's Roost from the West Plains side simply go east on Highway 14. We belive it is about 20 miles although we have not checked. About a mile or so after you pass Highway W you will see Hawk's Roost on the right side (north side) of the road.

Please do print out the maps and directions that we have provided as it can be confusing on your first trip. We will be happy to email you the maps/directions if that will make things easier, just give us a call or send us an email and we will do it right away.

Truck on road

In the photo above the truck is parked on one of the roads at Hawk's Roost. We brought the four wheeler that day and had a blast!

As Hawk's Roost is a brand new project our guys have not yet had the chance to smooth and clear all of the interior roads. Hawk's Roost is best suited to trucks and SUV's, as the four wheel drive and the extra clearance can be helpful when it is needed. Our guys are working as quickly as they can but please keep in mind that the roads are currently very rough. Feel free to bring your four wheeler if you really want to do some exploring.

As with all of our properties, the Tracts at Hawk's Roost are available with $500 down and monthly payments, on a 15 year term. As with all of our properties, a larger down payment will reduce your interest rate and your monthly payment (still a 15 year term). With $500 down your annual interest rate will be 9 3/4%. With $1,500 down your annual interest rate will be 7 3/4%. With $2,500 down your annual interest rate will be 6 3/4% and with $5,000 down your annual interest rate will be 5 3/4%. 

PLEASE NOTE that you do have a full 12 months to ADD to your down payment in order to reduce your interest rate & payment amount.

Here is an excellent opportunity to get more acreage than you might have though possible, for a lower price than we have ever offered in the past! As time passes the price will go UP on these well-located tracts. Get in now on the "ground floor"!

Power and phone are already at Hawk's Roost in several different areas. We have good cell service in the area (Verizon) and we get a good wi-fi signal in our vehicles at Hawk's Roost. Water would be by well, cistern or collection and sewer would be by septic, lagoon or even a properly constructed outhouse. 

To see a specific tract at Hawk's Roost please see the table at the top of this listing. Click on any tracts shown as "Available" to see the photos, videos and information for that tract.

Feel free to call us in the office at (417) 882-3400 from 9:00-5:00, Monday through Friday. We are also available by email anytime at all at sales@instantacres.com.

The Tracts at Hawk's Roost will go fast so grab yours today! Simply click on any Tract Number in the list at the top of this page to see specifics about that tract including very recent videos and pictures.