Properties Currently Available:

Under 10 Acres:

These mid-sized tracts of Missouri land are often a perfect choice for the outdoorsman or the family that needs enough land on which to play and explore.



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10+ Acres:

These larger tracts of Missouri land represent the traditional choice for homesteaders, hunters and those who wish to have a greater amount of privacy.



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Sold Properties

Recently Sold Properties

If you purchased your property over a month ago and it is not listed here, please feel free to contact us and we can email you the direct link for the listing (Sold listings are removed from this page after about a month).

Chalk Bluff

Fantastic off-grid tracts for camping, building and hunting. VERY close to Jack's Fork River, Rocky Creek Conservation Area and the beautiful Chalk Bluff. 

Currently, you will save 10% when you buy two tracts at Chalk Bluff and 20% when you buy three tracts at Chalk Bluff!

Hawk's Roost

Well-located tracts in Doulgas County, Missouri. Some of the lowest priced acreage that we have ever had! Tracts from 5-25 acres in size. Great area for hunting, camping and living.

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